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Patrick Heim joined ClearSky as an Operating Partner and Chief Information Security Officer. Mr. Heim is a senior security executive with a over two decades working in security spanning Fortune 500 enterprises, cloud providers as well as early stage security technology companies. Prior to joining the Fund, Mr. Heim was Head of Trust and Security at Dropbox. He also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Trust Officer at Patrick has also held Chief Information Security Officer roles at Kaiser Permanente and McKesson Corporation. In the startup world was Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at eNetSecure (a subsidiary of Applied Signal Technologies / Raytheon). Mr. Heim also has previously held senior positions at nCircle and Ernst & Young. Patrick holds a B.S. from Indiana University marketing as well as an MBA in international business / finance from the University of South Carolina. Mr. Heim currently serves as a director for Preempt Security, Solebit Labs, BigID and Ticto. He also advises a number of startup companies in the security space.
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A CISO’s perspective: Solving a 20-year cyber security problem

Posted by Patrick Heim on Jun 27, 2018 6:33:48 AM

My partner Jay Leek and I have decades of experience as CISOs.  We’ve both literally spoken with hundreds of security companies and it’s easy to become jaded.  It's rare that we get truly excited about a new security technology. Preempt sparked that sense of excitement in both of us.  If we really prioritize based on risk we’ll find that many security priorities aren't about chasing "advanced APT ninjas." It is about focusing on the more mundane functions of vulnerability and access management.  

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