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How to Thwart an Attacker’s Attempt to Compromise Credentials and Move Around a Network

Posted by Vikas Arya on Jan 12, 2017 3:28:18 PM

In recent years, we have seen hospitals, insurance companies (Aetna), giant corporations (Sony) retailers (Home Depot and Target), and tech companies (Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox) all breached because of some type of insider threat or compromised credentials. So, it’s no surprise that Insider threats are a growing concern for organizations.

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Topics: Insider Threats, Active Directory, Credential Compromise

Password Brute Force Attacks: Denying the Attacker, Not the Legitimate User

Posted by Vikas Arya on Aug 31, 2016 9:30:49 AM

When Mark Zuckerberg’s passwords were hacked from his twitter and other accounts, that news got everyone’s attention . Online articles  suggest that hackers got his password from the 2012 LinkedIn breach where 117 million accounts compromised. Mr Zuckerberg reused his passwords on other services, like Twitter, which got compromised.

This incident along with many other similar hacks proves that cyber-attacks are not isolated events,  they are like a giant wave with long-term effects that can set off a chain of events. 

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Topics: Use Case, password brute force, Credential Compromise, ueba