Security Weekly Interview: Securing Identity With Conditional Access

Posted by Monnia Deng on Jul 23, 2019 11:31:17 AM
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Organizations often have incomplete views of who is accessing what, when, where and how across multiple applications and systems. Understanding a user and their behavior is critical to understanding corporate security risk. In an interview in Security Weekly's Business Security Weekly July 22 podcast, Preempt CEO Ajit Sancheti explains why organizations need to secure identity with conditional access, which allows security teams to take the appropriate remediation steps based on the level of risk.

Ajit's conversation with Matt Alderman, CEO of Security Weekly, and Paul Asadoorian, CEO of Countermeasures, goes into  how organizations need to change the roles of the IT, Security, and DevOps teams to address the growing security concerns and how identity data is critical to understanding the threat landscape.  

Watch or listen to the podcast to learn:

  • Why identity is now a critical part of the security team and which identity data sources have better fidelity than others 
  • How your SSO, MFA, PAM, and other identity sources fit into your machine learning models 
  • Why automation is key to resolving security incidents and reducing administrative and IT burden 
  • How to build policies without causing user fatigue
  • How to get instant insights into your network with Preempt Lite 

Watch above for the interview, or visit Preempt's page at Security Weekly.

Topics: Identity Verification, Incident Response, Insider Threat, Identity, Conditional Access