The IT Security Flip: Insider Threats Capturing More Mindshare

Posted by Ajit Sancheti on Dec 9, 2016 10:56:17 AM
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Every once in awhile, a survey provides insights that at first glance don’t seem out of the ordinary. They generally validate a hypothesis. That is why we were somewhat surprised when we commissioned a survey of IT security professionals working in enterprises large and small.

While there is a realization that insider threats are on the rise, what we learned was that the problem is rising very quickly in the minds of IT professionals. In fact, about half of them are more concerned about internal threats than external threats.

IT Security Flip
I recently wrote an article for Infosec Island that goes into more detail on this growing trend.   There are likely many reasons for this flip in priority including the disolving perimeter, the side effects of providing employees too much trust and a rise in sophisticated hacking. What types of solutions are going to be required? How have budgets changed, if at all? How do security teams better strategize to support both internal and external threats? 

Read the full article on Infosec Island to learn more about the survey, changes in security priorities and steps to better address both external and internal security threats. 


Topics: CISO, Insider Threats